Basic MTM – the entry for young engineers

In many large companies MTM is the method standard for increasing productivity. In view of the demographic change and the lack of skilled workers, special attention is therefore paid to the next generation of engineers and their competence in MTM. With the Basic MTM training at universities and the qualifications based on it, young engineers are able to model cyclical processes in their heads, to think in terms of influencing variables, to design target processes in line with standard performance and to adapt the MTM process language to the respective processes - abilities and skills which are often also a hiring criterion for companies.

These basic courses are especially designed for university and technical college students who want to acquire basic knowledge and skills for an MTM practitioner parallel to their ongoing education (directly embedded or during the lecture-free period). This compact training is highly condensed in terms of content (up to 33 % higher workload per time unit) and can therefore only be mastered by students.

The Basic MTM training for students is divided into

  • MTM-1 (MTM basic system) and
  • MTM-UAS (Universal Analysis System)

Target group:
Students of engineering sciences, business administration or industrial engineering

Access requirement:
Ongoing university or technical college studies (certificate of enrolment) or training as a state-approved technician (full-time at least two years; part-time at least four years)

10 days (MTM-1 = 6 days and MTM-UAS = 4 days), in each case from 8:00 to approx. 18:00

Dates are set by the respective chair and coordinated with the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V.


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System Manger Global MTM Training Platform

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