Organisational Notes

Valid from January 1st, 2024

  1. At least 5 weeks before the start of the course, the responsible lecturer or employee of the university or college informs the MTM Academy ( about the planned training and specifies a desired date. This is confirmed by the MTM Academy.
  2. The prerequisite for classroom training or a webinar to take place is a minimum number of participants of 20 (max. 30). If fewer than 20 participants are present on the first day of training, the training can be canceled by the instructor in consultation with the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. be canceled. Prompt contact between the person responsible at the college or university and the students must ensure that all students who have registered bindingly appear. If the training is carried out by the university's own lecturer, MTM does not require the minimum number of participants.
  3. The contact person at the university ensures that students receive this information sheet for information. When you enter the participant list, registration for the training becomes binding. MTM will receive the final number of participants and the list of participants (Excel table with salutation, last name, first name, email address) no later than 3 weeks (15 working days) before the start of the training. Participants must register once on our training platform using their personal data.
  4. All teaching materials are provided exclusively digitally.
  5. The participation fee of €400 includes the examination and processing fee including the provision of digital teaching materials of €200 each for MTM-1 Base and MTM-UAS. If a participant fails one or both exams, he or she must still pay the participation fee. After receiving the money from MTM, he will not receive a certificate but rather a certificate of participation. This gives him the opportunity to repeat the exam within 3 years in another training course, whereby he has to pay at least €200 for one exam.
  6. If a participant drops out of the training without taking part in the exams, they will be charged €300 (150 per module). The MTM instructor will inform MTM accordingly.
  7. If a student has registered bindingly and does not take part in the training, the student will be charged the participation fee of €200 on a pro rata basis. If you cancel your registration no later than 8 working days before the start of the training and after consultation with the person responsible for the university, you will not be billed.
  8. The university will organize a suitable seminar room with internet access, projector, flipchart (including notepad and pens). If there is no projector available, MTM must be informed in good time.
  9. The training begins every Monday at 10:00 a.m. The instructor will coordinate all other times with the participants on site.
  10. Students please bring their laptop.
  11. Students will receive an invoice via email promptly. Only after payment has been received by MTM will you receive your certificates as a PDF file by email.

Exceptions to these regulations require approval from MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. Any additional costs incurred will always be borne by the person responsible.