09/29/2020 | MTM-based offer calculation: Win-win for customer and supplier

New offer for companies: Workshops for and with suppliers

Win-Win für Kunde und Lieferant

Ordered a new system for production and the cycle time does not fit? Too much or too little personnel in the shift? The ergonomics traffic light will soon be red? Companies can easily avoid these and other problems: with an MTM-based offer calculation. Customers and suppliers benefit from having this already specified in the specifications.

To calculate precisely in the offer phase, it is essential to have reliable data available in the early stages of the product development process. Data that flows into an assembly-oriented design, which is reflected in efficient processes, optimal capacity utilization and ergonomically safe workplaces, describes Ralf L. Jaehnke, Business Unit Manager Consulting, Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH.

MTM application in the specification sheet
"Customers therefore want to know on what concrete basis the supplier has calculated, how he has avoided non-value-adding parts in the work design, how his personnel requirements calculation was created. Empirical values and estimation times bring there little - it needs the proof by means of MTM data. That is why more and more companies are writing the MTM application into their suppliers' specifications. In other words: An offer with enclosed MTM analysis has a positive effect on the decision for placing an order.

But not only the customer benefits from this approach. "Also the supplier has a clear increase in value, knows Jaehnke. So he can e.g. argue internally on selling level in the best way, how the calculation came off and accelerate processes accordingly, because there are no more long discussions. By using the MTM-based process ProKon (production-oriented design), the plant constructor, for his part, can give the customer feedback on where to start in order to reduce assembly obstacles and save costs already in the design phase of the product.

Valid data accepted by both sides
Best practice from many MTM projects shows: Valid data is accepted by both sides, customer and supplier. However, the competence to apply MTM should not only be available at the customer. Also the supplier itself should be able to provide MTM analyses. That has the large advantage that one can use the once acquired MTM authority also for own improvement projects, so the MTM expert. "A classical Win Win situation thus.

Concerning MTM training, the MTM-1 Base training is recommended for the basics of MTM application as well as the MTM-UAS training, the universal analyzing system from MTM for series production. "With it you learn to read and write, so to speak", says Jaehnke. Ideally, these two training courses are followed by the MTM practitioner training, "because here the participant learns how to get from the actual to the target in work design and how to successfully manage productivity. The valid Blue Card is regarded as proof of competence and is even demanded by customers.

Workshop for and with suppliers
The business unit manager recommends a joint workshop for companies that want to profit from MTM-based offer calculation and bring their suppliers on board. Thus they ensure that their suppliers understand why they should submit a calculation based on MTM data - and also create a common understanding on topics such as personnel resource planning and age-appropriate work design. "The additional benefit through ergonomics is also a competitive advantage in day-to-day operations," says Jaehnke.

In many companies, the requirement for suppliers to calculate offers on the basis of MTM data also applies to international production sites. Both customers and suppliers, who want to develop own MTM authority, can fall back thereby to the offers of the MTM academy as well as to the international partner network One-MTM, which make a MTM training possible at any time from each place of the world.

Enterprises, which stand before the described tasks or in a Workshop with and for their suppliers are interested, turn to Ralf L. Jaehnke, E-Mail:




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