Workshop Product (eHPU) and Process (MV) Optimisation by K and P Evaluation

Do you know how much design (d) and process (p) effort is involved in your products? The evaluation of the k- and p-part based on the process building block system MTM-HWD enables you to quantify and compare design variants for the product as well as for the process on the basis of two key figures with the designer as well as with the planner (benchmark). Part of the workshop is the comparison of two product variants (or a competitor product).

Focal points:

  • Procedure for k-evaluation with MTM-HWD
  • Preparation of a comparison for a company product/assembly
  • Procedure for p-evaluation with MTM-HWD
  • Derive design actions for product and process


  • 2 days (additional days can be booked depending on the scope of the standard procedures/data cards)

Target group:

  • Design engineers
  • Planners
  • Industrial engineers