Workshop Development of standard business processes

Analyse standard processes uniformly and faster! You have several MTM users in your company and have noticed that standard processes such as electrical connections, clipping or screwing activities are analysed again and again and sometimes differently with the basic modules (e.g. MTM-UAS basic processes). In the workshop "Development of operational standard processes" we will show you how you can develop your own operational building blocks and data cards based on the architecture of the MTM-UAS standard processes and specifically for your product range.

This workshop is also suitable for the process building block systems MTM-1, MTM-HWD, MTM-SD, MTM-2, MTM-MEK.

Main focus:

  • Architecture of the standard processes of the MTM ASSOCIATION e.V.
  • Systematisation of an operational coding scheme    
  • Development and maintenance of operational standard procedures
  • Creation of data cards
  • Creation of a manual including background analysis based on TiCon


  • 2 days (depending on the scope of the standard procedures/data cards, additional days can be booked)

Target group:

  • Planners
  • Industrial engineers
  • Managers
  • Works Councils