11/16/2020 | "The right time is a key element for planning"

MTM Conference 2020: Roundtable discusses to human models on basis MTM

The mix of lectures and round table discussions around the motto "Digital = efficient?" was well received by the MTM community and interested parties: A good 500 participants experienced the MTM Conference 2020 virtually. The focus was on the new possibilities of virtual work planning, the seal of approval "Approved by MTM ASSOCIATION" and the benefit of the software solution MTM-Easy for the identification of productivity potentials.

"Only if human models use MTM, planning becomes valid", read the thesis, which Dr. Sascha Feldhorst (MotionMiners GmbH), Dr. Mathias wedge (AUDI AG), Stefan Stüring (LIVINGSOLIDS GmbH), Dr. Jens Trepte (imk automotive GmbH) and Franz Coriand, German MTM society ltd. discussed in a virtual Roundtable.

For Dr. Sascha Feldhorst, the occupation with digital human models is connected with the wish to be able to better and, above all, more realistically capture and depict the human factor within work systems. For Dr. Matthias Keil there is no question that planning only becomes valid when human models use MTM. Because time - "and the right time" - is an essential key element for planning, from ergonomics to performance, the IE expert stressed.

Stefan Stüring, who had described the use of virtual reality and human simulation to support the planning process in a joint lecture with Dr. Martin Benter, MTM Institute, underlined the thesis. It is difficult to simulate human behavior in all its facets, he said, so he tried to bring humans into the simulation via tracking and to virtually map the surrounding reality. For the temporal evaluation of activities for workplace design and work planning, "it is important to use an established method such as MTM, so that one can analyze sensibly".

Also the ema Work Designer, the software solution of imk automotive GmbH for process design, 3D simulation and evaluation of manual and semi-automated activities, carries the seal of approval "Approved by MTM ASSOCIATION". Dr. Jens Trepte stated in the roundtable: "Ema would not exist if we had not relied on MTM from the beginning. The time evaluation and the time control of our human model are based on MTM". The statement of Franz Coriand gave a hint, which meaning human models and the human simulation will have in the future for the spreading of MTM: "Only if MTM uses human models, planning becomes valid!"

The complete roundtable discussion and further highlights of the virtual MTM Conference (only in German language) can be found HERE.

For MTM CEO Knuth Jasker it was the last MTM Conference under his leadership. Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO of the Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH and head of the MTM Institute, who moderated the roundtables and held the keynote himself, took over the baton at the end of the conference with great publicity. From January 1, 2021 he is the sole CEO of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. Knuth Jasker will be available to the MTM organization for another two years in an advisory capacity. Main topics are digitalization and internationalization.



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