The original meter of human (work) performance

The MTM process language describes and evaluates human work (content and duration) using MTM process building blocks. The unique selling point of the MTM process language is the ability to compare different variants (simulation) both in process planning (target processes) and in improvements.

A MTM process building block

  • represents a defined part of a workflow (content and usage are fixed) and
  • is defined by a time value/time standard (standard time) and a unique coding.

The MTM process building block systems:

  • MTM-1®  (MTM Basic system)
  • MTM-2®
  • MTM-UAS®  (MTM Universal Analyzing System)
  • MTM-MEK®  (MTM in One-of-a-Kind and Small Batch Production)
  • MTM-SD®  (MTM Standard Data)
  • MTM-HWD®  (MTM Human Work Design)
  • MTM-LOG®  (MTM Logistics)

The process types and suitable MTM process building block systems


The MTM Standard Performance

Each description and (temporal) evaluation of processes/work procedures by means of MTM process building blocks contains a standard idea of the performance level. The reference performance is therefore the MTM standard performance!

The MTM standard performance of 100 % is the performance which a medium skilled person can achieve in the long run without increasing work fatigue.


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