The seal of approval "approved by MTM ASSOCIATION" identifies tested software and consulting products in the MTM environment as well as operational excellence in the application of the MTM methods. MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. awards this seal of approval based on defined test criteria and thus makes an important contribution to the standardized and correct distribution of MTM worldwide. ​ ​

Seal of approval

What are the benefits of certification for companies?

Software providers and consulting companies can use this seal of approval to prove the quality of their products and services in the MTM environment - a plus in terms of performance and customer orientation. The certification also establishes a close partnership with MTM ASSOCIATION e. v.; Software providers and consulting companies benefit from the technical expertise of the MTM experts and the authorization to use the MTM brands.​

Companies using MTM lay the basis for efficient and ergonomic work systems. On the one hand, the seal of approval documents the operational excellence in the MTM application in the company. On the other hand, the seal of approval is a valuable support in the search for suitable external partners for the implementation of MTM methods in the company, because the seal of approval ensures transparency on the market and identifies qualified software providers and consulting firms.


What is certified with the seal of approval??​ 


In the case of software products, the correct creation, management and presentation of MTM analyzes is guaranteed in accordance with the rules of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. evaluated. The spectrum ranges from manual creation and parameterization to automatically generated MTM analyses.​


In the case of consulting products, the correct application of MTM methods within the framework of the design of work systems, productivity management and the introduction of time management is evaluated. The focus is on the efficient and ergonomic design of work.​ ​ 


In companies, the operational excellence in the application of MTM methods is evaluated over the entire product development process - from product development to the design of work systems to productivity management. The focus is on ergonomics and efficiency.​​​​ 

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