MTM-Easy: TiCon for the entrance into the time management

You want to remain competitive? Do you want to know what your production is capable of? I.e. how many pieces can be produced with how many employees, how much time has to be planned for an activity and which potentials lie undiscovered? Then create transparency – with MTM-Easy, the first cloud-based software solution for the determination of benchmark times.

What does MTM-Easy?

  • Determine production times
  • Calculate products and prices
  • Reduce unit costs
  • Planning personnel requirements
  • Ensure deliverability
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensuring competitiveness

Your benefits:

  • Calculate mobile on the shop floor or via parts list on the desktop
  • Cloud-based IT solution, i.e. no need to install your own software
  • Data reusable at any time
  • Ideal even with a large number of variants
  • Decision support to improve the organizational structure
  • Immediate presentation of potentials and advice on their realization
  • No MTM training required

What is the MTM benchmark time?
The MTM benchmark time is the time in which the work system can perform a task  – depending on the general conditions in the company.

More information:

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