10/01/2018 | VirMont | Duration: 1/10/2018 – 30/09/2021

The aim of the VirMont project – employee-centred design, training and support of human work in assembly using VR and AR technologies – is to develop a system for VR-based, employee-centred, participative planning and design of work processes in assembly. This is supplemented by a VR training system and an AR assistance system.

10/01/2018 | ESKODIA | Duration: 1/10/2018 – 30/09/2021

In the research project ESKODIA – Development of self-organisation competences in digitalised, industrial working environments – a concept is being developed for groups of employees from the fields of warehouse logistics, maintenance and machine utilisation to promote their interdisciplinary self-organisation competences.

09/01/2017 | IRMA | Duration: 9/2017 – 03/2020 (completed)

The Green Care research project IRMA (Socially Sustainable Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Horticultural Work Processes) of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) aims to enable people with disabilities who are currently being cared for and working in social institutions as part of…

08/01/2017 | E-Mas | Duration: 01/08/2017 – 31/07/2020 (completed)

The research project E-Mas deals with the export of further education to the Mexican automotive industry and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The core objective is to design and export innovative training opportunities for skilled workers in the field of vehicle and supplier part production.






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