11/16/2020 | Training year 2020: More than 750 participants per webinar

MTM Academy pushes digital qualification in industrial engineering

One process language: MTM. Two training courses: MTM practitioner and MTM instructor. Three training formats: E-Learning, Webinar and Classroom. New offers like the online trainer. Multilingualism, online exams, globally valid training and examination regulations, certificates and blue and green cards from a single source, international master instructor training within the framework of One-MTM, a convenient booking portal, customized qualification packages ... - this is how qualification in industrial engineering makes sense and is fun. By the end of the year, more than 750 people will have taken part in a public or in-house webinar.

The number of participants per training format shows how quickly the digital transformation is progressing in the area of education and training. Within just two years, the picture has changed completely:

Mehr Webinare gebucht

In April 2020, the second wave of digitization rolled out at MTM in MTM and EAWS training (Blue and Green Card). The MTM instructors Clara Link and Thomas Finsterbusch started into the new age with 15 participants in the training format Webinar. With digital course materials, a modern didactic concept and the online exam, the MTM training comes directly to the office or home office. The webinars are held worldwide (China, Australia, USA, Germany, Italy, Poland etc.) by the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., the One-MTM partners as well as in-house instructors.

The potential of the digital trainings has been shown by MTM instructor Josef Pils in a MTM practitioner webinar. With the reorganization of operational case studies the participants determined up to 30% Einsparpotenzial.

The operational Coaching on the job during and after the training, connected with the expertise of the MTM instructors, makes a successful and lasting operational application of the process language MTM possible. MTM Practitioners and MTM Instructors can keep up to date on current developments and new products of MTM training and application in a lounge of the same name.

Interested? The MTM Practitioners and Instructors Lounge takes place once a month on a Tuesday (10-11 a.m. in German and 2-3 p.m. in English). More at mtm.org/events

With the further education to the on-line coach the academy supports also MTM and EAWS-Instructors with the entrance into the digital training world. Current dates on platform.dmtm.com

Peter Kuhlang laid the foundation for the digitalization of MTM training in 2018 with the development of the online platform and the first e-learning training MTM-1 Base. Since 2019 more than 300 participants have successfully completed the e-learning course in German, English, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.

The online portal of the MTM Academy (platform.dmtm.com) with

  • the booking tool for public training courses,
  • the schedule and general information about the training program,
  • "My MTM", the personal customer account with access to your own training history and the booked training courses,
  • the digital classroom for booked webinars and
  • the download center for licensed MTM and EAWS instructors

is the heart of the international MTM training.

Whether e-learning, webinar or presence course, whether learning in a group, in direct exchange with other participants or the instructors or rather alone and flexible in time - every participant can complete his or her desired training according to his or her personal preferences and requirements.

Here once again the features of the training formats at a glance:

Features of training formats

We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently. The MTM academy holds it there completely with Aristotle and develops the portfolio at digital offers and new features of the online platform permanently further. As Peter Kuhlang informed during the virtual MTM Conference, the online training courses for MTM-UAS and EAWS are in the starting blocks. In addition, the service of the online platform will be expanded in the coming year to include the booking of in-house training courses.

Curious? Click here for the online portal!

For questions Professor Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH and Head of MTM Institute (peter.kuhlang@dmtm.com), as well as Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of MTM Academy (thomas.finsterbusch@dmtm.com) are available. All news around the MTM training on mtm.org and LinkedIn.



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