12/22/2019 | Practitioner Refresher Course Only for One Process Building Block System

The family of process building blocks (MTM and corporate process building block systems) has grown. In addition to MTM-1®, MTM-SD®, MTM-2®, MTM-UAS® and MTM-MEK®, it has also been possible to complete an MTM Practitioner training course with the new MTM-HWD® process building block system or corporate process building block systems like C Values and BMW SD since this year. A high-quality refresher course covering the rules and new features of all the process building block systems is, however, no longer feasible in one single course. The MTM Practitioner refresher course will therefore be offered with a major focus on one MTM process building block system from 1 January 2020 onwards.

MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. will therefore offer a separate MTM Practitioner refresher course for each process building block system. You can learn about the new features of a process building block system (e.g. MTM-UAS or C Values) in 2½ days or can discuss the rules again intensively with our experts. Attending one MTM Practitioner refresher course with a major focus on one process building block system is adequate for extending (all the process building block systems) on the BLUE CARD.

You will find the dates for the MTM Practitioner refresher courses on our website or here. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of the MTM Academy, who will be happy to help you.  

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