04/23/2021 | MTM-Easy – the solution for medium-sized businesses

Determine assembly times – simply, quickly and securely in the cloud

The introduction of modern time management is (still) not an issue for many medium-sized companies. Determining reliable, work-related time data is complicated, tedious and expensive, they say. According to studies, 70 to 80 % of medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector plan with times from past years and decades, often only with experience or estimated values. But what can the company's own production actually achieve? One does not know exactly – and that is the problem. Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH has the solution: MTM-Easy, the first cloud-based software for determining assembly times – now available in the new webshop. Here, work planners and work schedulers, foremen and workers, production managers and company bosses will find all the information they need and their desired access: MTM-Easy as a seven-day trial version, as a monthly or annual license.

"There's more in it!"

"We tested MTM-Easy and determined the time in which our current production could assemble a certain type of aggregate if the work was organized optimally. The analysis, which is quite simple and fast, yielded a savings potential of 70 %. We implemented 50 % of this immediately. The important thing for us was to see: There's still more in it!" Joachim Ruopp, plant manager of AVS Aggregatebau GmbH, has experienced for himself how easy and flexible the application of MTM-Easy is, how little effort is required and how quickly assembly times can be determined and at the same time potential for improvement in the work processes can be discovered. His most important insight: "You need target times, you need to know how big the delta is to the ACTUAL consumption."

Big improvement, small effort
Ruopp is not an MTM expert and he doesn't have to be. After all, expert knowledge of the globally recognized method standard is virtually intrinsic to MTM-Easy. Users need no training and no costly software installation they simply register in the web store at mtm-easy.com and get started.

MTM-Easy is the uncomplicated entry point and perhaps the first step on the way to systematic time management. In Ruopp's opinion, medium-sized businesses will no longer be able to do without it. "MTM-Easy offers the chance to work more effectively and to plan staffing requirements according to needs. With MTM, German SMEs can easily keep up with other European countries." Read the full interview here.

MTM-Easy is a cloud-based tool that even the worker can use. When it comes to interpreting the results, deriving concrete measures or even planning new workplaces, the German MTM-Gesellschaft mbH offers technical, organizational and personnel support. It is possible to learn about MTM-Easy in free webinars, to initiate a workshop "Record Evaluate Implement" with real examples from one's own operational practice, or to turn the MTM software house into an online back office in matters of time management.

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