12/12/2019 | MTM-1 Base (E-Learning) Now Available in Portuguese Too

200 Participants Successfully Complete Their First E-Learning Course.

More than 200 participants have already completed their MTM-1 Base training as an e-learning course and have therefore laid the foundation for the MTM Practitioner certificate at their workplace, so to speak. “The demand for our digital training format shows that we’ve adopted the right approach with our blended learning concept – i.e. a mix of e-learning and courses that need to be attended in person,” says Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Head of the MTM Institute and the initiator of the MTM e-learning method. Kuhlang can also dispel any concerns expressed by many interested persons that e-learning could be too complicated, on the basis of the experience gained from this first year. “All the participants so far have successfully completed the course; the feedback on handling the learning modules has been thoroughly positive.” The MTM-1 Base e-learning course is now not only available in German and English, but in Portuguese too. The Italian and Spanish versions will join them next year.

The new training format pays dividends for corporations in many ways all at the same time: Spending less time on courses in person for MTM training means less absence from the workplace for employees – and this also saves travel expenses. E-learning is available anywhere in the world at any time. That is to say, individuals can plan their learning times and the latter can therefore be adapted to the needs of the employees in a flexible manner.

The multi-lingual production of the learning modules and the multiple languages available at the online store are a great benefit for corporations operating around the globe. Employees at a corporation’s different production sites can be trained in the principles of MTM by e-learning and then meet together at the joint event in person – e.g. for MTM-UAS training. “This is absolutely cost-effective, particularly if the numbers of those attending are low,” Kuhlang adds.

Anybody who wishes to get to know MTM-1® Base in the e-learning version in German or English and would like to simply take a general look at the course can use a demonstration version. Simply send an email to: peter.kuhlang@dmtm.com or elearning@dmtm.com

Access to the demonstration version for those interested is valid for three months (and this period can be extended) and is one year for MTM Instructors. This offer applies to interested parties who have already completed an MTM-1® training course (or higher) or for MTM Instructors. Instructors therefore have the opportunity of introducing the e-learning version as part of their courses.

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