12/12/2019 | Liebherr: The Time before the SOP Is Critical

Workshop for Managers Creates a Common Understanding for Using the Method.

In the light of digitalization, globalization and growing competitive pressure, Liebherr-Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH has reorganized its operations, both nationally and internationally. The introduction of method standards is playing an important role in this transformation process. Faced with the new structures, the managers viewed it as an urgent task to involve managers from departments that were not aware of the issue of time management in the past, but where this subject affects them – and at short notice.

“The goal was to create a common understanding that our corporate success – i.e. the increase of productivity in production – depends on both the method used for work design and the product design. A workshop with MTM was the best way of acquainting our managers with the topic of productivity management from an interdisciplinary perspective, because we’ve been successfully using MTM at Liebherr for more than ten years,” says Heiko Ingwersen, Head of the Time Management Group. The workshop highlighted the potential that it is possible to use at Liebherr through the MTM-UAS process building block system that is currently deployed. “We’re looking at the elimination of waste and short distances here, for example,” Ingwersen added. These efforts are therefore going hand in hand with the lean management activities, which have existed for a long time.

“We’re speaking the same language”
The 13 experts and managers from the development, accounting, manufacturing, engineering and resource scheduling departments developed a common understanding of using the method during the workshop. “But that wasn’t all – we’re now speaking the same language, as it were,” Ingwersen emphasizes. “Applying IE methods, analyzing processes and products from a time point of view or with regard to their ease of assembly, however, is only one side of the coin. Handling this information and data, assessing it in every direction and using the findings in a profitable manner for our corporate development is the other side.”

A well-functioning time management system forms the foundation for planning processes and human resources – and also for calculating quotations, in Ingwersen’s view. He is convinced that the task of time management in the future will consist of “front loading.” That is to say, launching the best possible processes and products from the outset and securing competitive advantages in this way. “When it comes to competitiveness, the time before the SOP is critical.”

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