09/25/2020 | Digital planning tools: Useful results only with MTM data?

The MTM Conference 2020 – the online event for efficient work organization

Recognize chances, use chances! At the autumn meeting of the MTM community, which will take place on 29 October 2020 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as an online event, new approaches and solutions for digital MTM application will be in the focus. In lectures and virtual roundtables, practitioners, labor politicians and scientists will discuss topics such as virtual work planning, digital human models/human simulation and potential assessment in medium-sized businesses. More than 250 interested parties have already registered  the event is free of charge.

The keynote "Recognizing opportunities, using opportunities – with digital training and engineering products from MTM" comes from Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Managing Director, German MTM Society mbH and Head of MTM Institute. He gives an overview of the development work at MTM and how the industrial engineering of the future can benefit from it.

The digitization turns the work of the industrial engineer completely upside down. He is no longer only on the move in the real world, he must rather build a bridge between the real and virtual world. This only works with digital planning tools. Stefan Stüring, Managing Director of Livingsolids GmbH, and Dr. Martin Benter, Project Manager Digitalization & Automation, MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., will deal in their presentation with Virtual Reality and Human Simulation, which increasingly support the planning process. Especially in combination with the MTM standard, these technologies enable a target-oriented work design. The lecture describes how these digital tools can generate simulation analyses that bear the seal of approval "Approved by MTM".

In the following expert panel discussion

    Stefan Stüring, Livingsolids GmbH,
    Dr. Sascha Feldhorst, MotionMiners GmbH,
    Dr. Jens Trepte, imk automotive GmbH,
    Dr. Mathias Keil, Audi AG,
    Franz Coriand, Head of Digital Solutions, Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH,

the question of whether technologies such as VR, AR, motion capturing and human simulation can provide useful results without MTM data as a basis.

After this roundtable there will be the opportunity to visit the virtual exhibition and to inform about products and services of the participating companies.

The lecture program will continue at 11.30 a.m. with a contribution by Dr. Branko Alfermann. The Head of Technical Function at ads-tec Energy GmbH, provider of system solutions in the fields of industrial computers and battery technology, will report on the successful application of MTM in medium-sized practice – and this without MTM expert knowledge or IE structures of a corporate group. In the tandem lecture "Increase output, reduce costs – MTM-Easy for SMEs" with Andreas Bochmann, project manager, Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH, the participants will learn how they can easily achieve reliable production times with the new software solution MTM-Easy, plan personnel requirements, calculate products and prices or find the plant with the best cost factor.

Only those who know their potential can fully exploit it! This thesis is the focus of the second virtual roundtable. Discuss it

    Dr. Branko Alfermann, ads-tec Energy GmbH,
    Hans-Jürgen Zimprich, Department of Labor Policy Südwestmetall e. V..,
    Joachim Ruopp, AVS Aggregatebau GmbH,
    Knuth Jasker, Managing Director MTM ASSOCIATION e. V.

The roundtables will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang; MTM Managing Director Knuth Jasker will lead through the conference program. At the beginning of the online event, the conference leader will inform the participants how to contact the speakers and experts of the roundtables or how to ask questions.

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