06/18/2020 | TiCon Update: User Meeting in China and New License Models

TiCon, the standard software for industrial engineering, is increasingly in demand at production sites in China. Over 60 participants from more than 30 companies exchanged views on the possible applications and benefits of IT solutions from the MTM software house at the latest TiCon User Meeting organized by MTM (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co, Ltd. The meeting focused on the systematic application of MTM from customer inquiries through product calculation to final production planning. In particular, IT and time management specialists and executives shared their experiences in using TiCon to identify staffing requirements, set up process architectures and analyze value-adding processes in the fields of product design, production and logistics.

Another focus of the user meeting was on ergonomics and the use of EAWs (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheets) and other modules to assess the risk of physical stress in the workplace. The participants were particularly interested in the combination of the ergonomics assessment tool with TiCon4 Base and TiCon4 Takt, the possibilities of quick screening and the benefits of ergonomics “maps” for their entire companies. “In view of the growing importance of the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases in China, we believe that EAWs and the related TiCon modules will strongly support companies in planning efficient and healthy working conditions," says Wei Jiang, Project Manager MTM Shanghai.

New license models available
Even in times of crisis, the MTM software house continues to offer a complete range of high-quality services – from guidance on the introduction of MTM software to customer-specific training and the customization of software solutions for optimal integration into existing IT landscapes.

To meet the current requirements and needs of interested companies and customers even better, the MTM software house now offers three models for the use of the TiCon software:

The customer acquires the currently available version of the software or its modules and user licenses. This allows the unrestricted and unlimited use of this version, although rights to further versions will require a valid maintenance contract.

Hire Purchase
This is credit financing offered by German MTM-Gesellschaft mbH. After the expiry of the credit period, the software is freely available to the customer without any further costs (except maintenance fees).

The customer rents the software, i.e. it never becomes the property of the customer, regardless of its useful life. Maintenance costs are included in the fees for the duration of the rental agreement.

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