Are you personally or your employees affected by the ban on travel or the need to work from home? Make use of this time to complete an MTM training course on your PC or laptop!

1. MTM-UAS training course as a webinar

Once you have completed MTM-1 Base as an e-learning course and MTM-UAS as a webinar, you have passed two of the three training stages to become an MTM Practitioner – and have done so at your workplace or from your home office. The first date for MTM-UAS as a webinar is 20 – 29 April 2020 – make your booking here.

2. MTM-1 Base as an e-learning course in German, English, Portuguese – and in Spanish too now

The MTM-1 Base e-learning course is now available in Spanish too. This means that corporations can also organize further training in MTM for employees at Spanish-speaking production sites from their home office and adjust learning times to the current situation in a flexible manner – make your booking here!

3. MTM training complete in English: MTM-1 Base, MTM-1 and MTM-UAS as e- learning courses

Interested parties from all over the world can now fully complete the MTM-1 Base, MTM-1 and MTM-UAS programs as e-learning courses in English. The international partner network known as One-MTM makes this possible; it has been supporting industrial firms with global operations in providing training for, implementing and using the MTM methods standard in a uniform manner since the beginning of this year.

Are you looking for a customized solution for your international production sites or your employees? Please contact us.

Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, e-mail: peter.kuhlang@dmtm.com
Book MTM-1/MTM-UAS directly as an e-learning course in English at: www.mtm-psc.com

4. Webinar for ProKon (Production-Oriented Design)

The webinar will communicate all the information that is handled during the public training course. In addition to the theoretical part and practical presentations, the course integrates interactive, practice and self-learning phases. The special feature: Your corporate case study will be discussed during the training course. A chat room is available for people to ask questions during the individual sessions.

The first training course will take place using Webex Meetings on 4 – 6 May 2020. Register here!

Regarding the content: Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, cell phone: +49 151 17111805, thomas.finsterbusch@dmtm.com
Regarding the organization: Christel Dornbach, phone: +49 40 822779-22, christel.dornbach@dmtm.com

5. Webinar MTM-EasyTime

You want to learn more about MTM-Easy, the application and the benefits of the new cloud solution from MTM - and all this in only 45 minutes very easy on laptop or PC? Just send an e-mail with your desired date to
and you will be sent the access data for the webinar.

These dates are available (9 a.m. to 10 a.m.):

April: 16/04/20 and 23/04/20
May: 15/05/20 and 28/05/20
June: 15/06/20 and 29/06/20




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