MTM-Easy – Solutions for the entry into time management

MTM, the internationally recognized method standard, has been introduced in more than 500 globally operating companies as the expert system MTM-Prime for maintaining and improving competitiveness.
Even companies with significantly fewer resources and know-how in industrial engineering can now benefit from this expert knowledge: with the cloud based software solutions of MTM-Easy.

MTM-EasyTime, the first product of the Easy-Family, enables the user easily, quickly and without investment in training and software

  • to create transparency in production,
  • to calculate production times,
  • identify potential for improvement,
  • to increase productivity and thus
  • to ensure competitiveness.

Users also use MTM-EasyTime

  • to determine personnel requirements and to control the staff,
  • for price and offer calculation,
  • as an internal benchmarking tool for awarding contracts to the best-cost plant and
  • to optimise work organisation, for more competitiveness, especially with low-cost countries.

What do users of MTM-EasyTime have ahead of others?

MTM-EasyTime is ideally suited to determine the personnel requirements easily and quickly and at the same time to show and quantify potentials for productivity improvement by work organisation.

Making improvement measurable and thus plannable – only MTM can do this. Use the security of an internationally recognized method standard also for your entrepreneurial success!

Workshop MTM-Easy in English

Date: 8 July 2020 at 10 a.m. (German time, UTC+2)
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