06/16/2021 | Position paper on MTM-UAS supports uniform application

MTM-UAS (Universal Analysis System) is the world's most widely used MTM process building block system for describing, evaluating and designing human work. It consists of MTM-UAS basic processes and MTM-UAS standard processes, to which specific MTM standard time values are assigned depending on time influencing variables. The main field of application is series production. Issue 16 of the MTM series of publications on industrial engineering contains the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V.'s doctrinal opinion on MTM-UAS. This publication promotes the uniform application of MTM-UAS worldwide.

Against the backdrop of changing industrial work systems – e.g. cycle times are becoming ever shorter – and company-specific requirements for MTM application, Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, Head of MTM Academy, and Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Head of MTM Institute and CEO of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., have published a position paper on MTM-UAS. The aim was to provide the many MTM instructors working worldwide with an argumentation aid on MTM-UAS.

Issue 16 of the MTM series of papers on industrial engineering presents the current doctrinal position of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. on MTM-UAS. The two authors explain the background and motivation for the application of MTM-UAS as well as the application of the concept of MTM-UAS standard operations in the formation of operational standard operations. Another topic is the importance of the influencing variable "weight" of the MTM-UAS basic operations with regard to the classification of force applications during pick-up and placement as well as the rules of simultaneity. To specify these rules, the authors have developed a new decision scheme, which they also present in the position paper.

The position paper can be downloaded HERE free of charge.

If you would like to learn more about the application of the set of rules and the process modules in your company-specific case, please contact

Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch
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By the way: The MTM-UAS training is also available as e-learning (initially in German, soon also in English) find out more now at training.mtm.org!


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