04/20/2021 | MTM-UAS new as e-learning: "Demanding, learning-intensive – but also a lot of fun"

MTM experts and those who want to become one have been waiting for this: The MTM-UAS (Universal Analyzing System) training course is now also available as an e-learning course, initially in German. The e-learning team of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. made the first impact with MTM-1 Base. MTM-UAS is now the second training course that can be completed in self-study at any time, anywhere in the world. The team around Manuela Ostermeier, Head of Digitalization & Internationalization of MTM Training, is already working on the English version. The scope and tasks in the new e-learning course correspond to those in the classroom course and webinar. 

And this is what MTM experts have to say about the new e-learning course:

Tim Heidutzek, BMW Group
"We are quite taken with the structure of the training and the applicability. It's all very understandable and well structured. Through interaction and permanent feedback, the whole thing doesn't get boring either. The participant is encouraged to think along – and has fun doing so."

Julia Meyer, Schaeffler Technologies AG
"For me, the MTM-UAS e-learning is an all-round success. Not only are there enough advanced examples included to facilitate self-study. The participant can also proceed at his or her own pace – a significant advantage of the format, in my opinion."

Udo Baginski, Robert Bosch GmbH
"MTM-UAS in e-learning format is demanding and learning-intensive, but also a lot of fun. And that should not be lacking in a training course, despite all the must-haves. The exercises and the many interactive elements are really great. Of course, these are important in e-learning, where you have to fight your way through on your own. If you get stuck at any point, you can use the help icons to help yourself. I find interaction and feedback very important, especially in the area of film analysis – and this is also solved very well here. The step-by-step approach takes the fear out of even the most comprehensive teaching materials. MTM-UAS as e-learning – I'm pumped up for it!"

Jörg Andersohn, Mercedes-Benz AG  
"Overall, I find the training as e-learning very successful. I was particularly impressed by the interactive design of the program. Picking up the participant again and again at his level of knowledge makes it easier for him to reach his goal."

Ralph Hensel-Unger, Audi AG
"Overall turned out very nicely, incredibly comprehensive and in-depth. I find the film analyses section particularly user-friendly in design. I think participants will do well with that."  

The development team naturally pays particular attention to feedback from the participants themselves. Manuela Ostermeier, who presented the new e-learning course at the recent MTM Practitioners' and Instructors' Lounge, emphasized: "I'm very curious to hear what those say who haven't even had any contact with MTM UAS training." 

Do you have questions about e-learning? Then write to us:  academy@mtm.org






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