02/11/2021 | MTM-Easy: Now also with time data for machine operation and setup

MTM-Easy, the cloud-based software for the determination of assembly times, provides companies with an ideal tool for reliable work planning. For all users: Release 2.5 offers even more features.

The advantages of the software solution at a glance:

  • With MTM-Easy, assembly times can be determined quickly and easily, and potential for improvement can be discovered at the same time.
  • MTM-Easy provides users with an uncomplicated overview of the current performance of their production.
  • The comparison of the assembly times determined with MTM-Easy with the current consumption times immediately shows where things can be improved.
  • How can it be improved? Reduce the current consumption time by appropriate measures and use the assembly time determined with MTM-Easy as a target value

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  • is flexible to use: mobile on the store floor or via bill of materials on the desktop,
  • requires no investment in training or software installation,
  • generates reliable time data that can be tracked at any time and from anywhere as a factual decision-making aid, and
  • directly shows potential for improvement in the workplace, process and product.

Important for all who already use MTM-Easy: There is an update!
Release 2.5 offers:

  • new time modules for the activities machine operation and setup
  • the duplication of work steps
  • automatic indication of the determined assembly time in hours and minutes as soon as more than 60 minutes are reached
  • a tooltip for frequency of work steps and activities
  • the output of the time in CSV export in decimal format

Important for all those who do not yet use MTM-Easy: Simply attend the next free webinar and/or test the software at www.mtm-easy.com

You have questions about MTM-Easy?
Your contact: Tom Weigt, e-mail: tom.weigt@mtm.org 


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