01/10/2022 | Online survey on handling errors in manual assembly

In the design of efficient, quality-capable manual assembly processes, a central challenge lies in the knowledge of relevant influencing factors on the occurrence of human action errors or assembly errors and the prediction of their probability of occurrence. Tim Trostmann, research associate at the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Process Management (IfA) at the University of Kassel, is working on the further development of an assembly planning procedure that takes these aspects into account as part of his dissertation. The focus is on optimizing the procedure for evaluating performance-influencing factors, i.e. those factors that influence the occurrence of corresponding errors.

In this context, the doctoral student is gathering expertise and experience from industry. His online survey is primarily aimed at people working in the field of work planning, quality planning or improvement, or in corresponding interface disciplines such as industrial engineering - a good reason to bring this online survey to the attention of MTMaktuell's readership.

The survey (only in German) can be accessed via the following link and takes about 20 minutes to complete.




Of course, Tim Trostmann will be happy to make the results of the survey available to all interested parties after completion of his dissertation (vsl. 01/2023).





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