12/10/2021 | MTM in LeanTalk: Yes, they still exist!

From Gilbreth and Ford, to IBM and Vorwerk, to REFA and MTM-Easy

Did you know that IBM Germany, Singer Nähmaschinenfabrik AG and Vorwerk Group & Co. are among the founding members of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V.? Ralf Volkmer, Lean Knowledge Base (pictured left), and Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., talked about what drove these and other companies to apply the MTM process and advocate its further spread in the manufacturing industry in the latest LeanTalk. Other topics included the origins of methods-time measurement, the comparison of REFA and MTM methods, and the integration of MTM into the toolbox of lean management.

For those who could not be there live, you can listen to the LeanTalk (only in German) on the topic "MTM – oh, they still exist?" listen to it again HERE  and check it out.

Zwei Männer in einem TV-Studio.

One topic was, of course, MTM-Easy, the concept for entry into time management with which the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. has reached the finals of the LeanBaseAward 2022. The award ceremony will take place during the LeanBase event LeanAroundTheClock (LATC) on March 17 and 18, 2022 in Mannheim, Germany. Those who would like to support the application of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. must do the following:

1. register at https://leanbase.de/registrieren on the LeanBase website.
2. go to https://leanbase.de/awards/mtm-association as a member of the LeanBase community, and
3. click the four stars there to vote.







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