01/24/2022 | MTM-Easy at the LeanBaseAward 2022

Final spurt in the voting phase

The German LEAN community will meet on March 17 and 18 at LATC2022 in the Maimarktclub in Mannheim. The highlight of the hybrid event is the presentation of the LeanBaseAward. Among the finalists is the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., which entered the race with its cloud-based software solution MTM-Easy®. Those who would like to support the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. can do so on the LeanBase Community website.

For this you have to register (as a non-member on LeanBase.de)

Time to win with MTM-Easy®

As a concept, MTM-Easy® offers every company a simple procedure for sufficiently accurate time determination or time management. MTM-Easy® is fast and cost-effective in use and delivers immediately visible as well as resilient results.

And it's as simple as this:

  1. create a workstation in the software solution that describes the actual conditions on site
  2. record the activities (work steps) that occur or are necessary with the help of predefined pictograms and at the same time divide them into meaningful process segments
  3. compare the MTM benchmark time determined on this basis with the actual consumption time incurred 
  4. identify process deviations such as overtime and extra work, waiting times and downtimes, and plan and implement measures to improve or avoid them (MTM experts offer support in this step)
  5. the company itself deals with the design of productive and ergonomic workplaces and uses the time evaluation, hints and clues from the application of MTM-Easy®.

More information about MTM-Easy® and the possibility to test the tool for free can be found HERE.








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