01/21/2022 | More than 5,000 participants certified around the world

"A strong year thanks to digitization of MTM training"

"The digitization of MTM training and the consistent implementation of the internationally standardized training program have taken the One-MTM partner network a decisive step forward," says Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, head of the MTM Academy, commenting on the figures for the 2021 training year. More than 5,000 certified degrees are on the books; that's a good 1,700 more degrees than in the first year of the pandemic. While the number of participants in face-to-face courses roughly halved due to Corona, more than twice as many participants took advantage of the new online formats of webinars and e-learning - and thus also the opportunity to complete the MTM- and EAWS-Practitioner and MTM- and EAWS-Instructor qualifications completely digitally. Despite all the challenges, 2021 had been a strong year in terms of spreading MTM worldwide.

The MTM Academy and MTM Institute teams have already hit the ground running again when it comes to further developing the qualification offering. "Of course, in 2022 we will again offer face-to-face courses and integrate the benefits of digital solutions for teaching and learning," says the academy director.

Here is an overview of the most important innovations:

  • New: MTM-1® Base E-Learning with Online Exam.

The training concludes after 5 days or 40 hours of self-study with an online exam (consisting of multiple-choice and single-choice questions). For each module there is a small test (which can be taken several times). If this test is passed by at least 75 percent, the next module is unlocked. Finally, there is an online exam to practice - and then the "real" exam, which is only taken once. If necessary, a retake exam can be booked.

MTM-1® Base E-Learning is available in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (soon also in French).

  • MTM-UAS® E-Learning now also in English

As of this year, the MTM-UAS® training course in e-learning format can also be completed in English. The prerequisite for access is successful completion of the MTM-1® Base training course. This training, consisting of a theoretical and a practical part (with film analyses and the possibility to use the MTM software solution TiCon), also concludes with an online examination. If you would like to try out MTM-UAS® E-Learning first, please send an e-mail with the subject "Interested party version MTM-UAS® E-Learning" to elearning@mtm.org.

MTM-UAS® E-Learning is available in German and English (and soon in Italian, French and Hungarian).

  • Public training in the BMW Group SD process module system

Starting this year, the MTM Academy offers public training in the process building block system BMW Group SD (in German). The training consists of theory units (rules, coding, application requirements) and practical examples and exercises in a mix of remote events (webinars) and self-study. After this training, the participant will be able to describe and evaluate processes and uncover design potential in processes and work systems.

The dates for the BMW Group SD Multipurpose Values (incl. Master Data) training in German can be found HERE.
The dates for the training BMW Group SD Logistics (incl. master data) in German can be found HERE.

  • MTM for students

If you are looking for a meaningful occupation between semesters or even in the middle of them, you will find the offer "MTM for students" at training.mtm.org. With the MTM-1® Base and MTM-UAS® training courses in e-learning format, students are independent of the time and location of the courses offered at colleges and universities. Admission requirements for participation are a valid certificate of enrollment and payment for the training in advance.

"MTM for Students" is currently available in German and English.

  • Repeat exam MTM-UAS® online

It can happen that you fail an exam - also with MTM-UAS®. But that's not the end of MTM-Practitioner training. The MTM Academy offers an MTM-UAS® retake exam online for participants who still want to get their certificate. There is no need to make a big fuss about the second attempt, because participants can book this course on their own at training.mtm.org. In the future, this option will also be available for other training courses and can also be used by participants in in-house training courses.

  • Partner and in-house area

From now on, in-house trainings can be booked directly on the booking portal of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. with the company's own instructor or with an instructor from MTM. The partner and in-house area on training.mtm.org, where the desired date, type of training and course language can be requested, can be accessed via a login. Those who do not yet have access can register and send an e-mail to training@mtm.org.

As always, all information on MTM training courses can be found at training.mtm.org.





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