12/13/2021 | Green light for new membership structure and internationally staffed Executive Board

Focus on internationalization and digitization of association work

As in the previous year, the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. General Meeting 2021 was held with a written ballot. On November 25, 2021, Chairman of the Board Joachim Rath and CEO Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang first provided information in a virtual event on all the items to be voted on, such as the Annual Report 2020, the budget for 2022 and changes to the Articles of Association of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. The Ordinary General Meeting was held on December 7, 2021 at the association's location in Zeuthen under the chairmanship of Oskar Heer, Deputy Chairman of the Board. The ballots received by mail or e-mail were counted in the presence of a notary and the result – all motions were accepted – was certified by him.

Already in the information session, Peter Kuhlang gave an overview of the general development of the industry association, the particular challenges related to the pandemic and the measures that have been and will be taken to make the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. fit for the future. According to Peter Kuhlang, these include above all internationalization and expansion of the One-MTM partner network, increasing the attractiveness of membership, expanding digital offerings for the application of MTM in training, consulting, software and research, and positioning the MTM brand as an enabler for improving efficiency in production and administration. With the "approved by MTM ASSOCIATION" certificate of quality, the association will in future identify tested software and consulting products in the MTM environment, thereby also making an important contribution to the standardized and correct dissemination of MTM worldwide.

New: Full and sustaining members
The amendments to the articles of association, which were supported by a large majority of the members, also reflect the issues of internationalization and the attractiveness of membership in the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. One of the most important points is the reorganization of membership. In the future, a distinction will be made between full members (with voting rights as before) and supporting members (without voting rights). Membership fees will continue to be charged – also in the same amount as before. In future, Premium status will be required for ordinary members to participate in the MTM Board; this defines criteria with regard to MTM application as well as dissemination.

To ensure that the board can also represent the international distribution of members, a quota system has been introduced for European and international member companies to fill board positions. Another new feature is the so-called Sounding Board, through which the Board enables interested individuals to participate (without voting rights) in Board meetings.

The amendments to the Articles of Association will become legally effective upon acceptance by the Register of Associations.



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