09/01/2021 | "Lean & MTM - Undiscovered Synergies or Eternal Contradiction?"

Virtual LeanStammtisch on September 16, 2021, 7 to 9 p.m.

Why does the lean community do so little with the MTM application? And how can this be changed? If you feel like discussing this, you shouldn't miss the virtual LeanStammtisch on September 16, 2021. From 7 to 9 p.m., all networkers of LeanBase, the largest German-speaking community around the topic of lean, will have the opportunity to talk with Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, Managing Director of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., and Ralf Jaehnke Business Unit Manager Consulting of Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH, about their view of lean & MTM and to find out together whether there is not also a hidden beneficial effect for lean management in a prospective planning of work systems.

You will find all information and the possibility to register HERE.

MTM-Easy concept entered for LeanBaseAward
The MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. is now entering the LeanBaseAward with its MTM-Easy concept, which has already been named Innovation 2020. The Lean community awards this prize to companies and institutions that have set out in the past two years to implement, introduce and/or think about implementing the principles of lean management. The award ceremony will take place during LeanBase's Lean Around The Clock (LATC) event next March.

The MTM-Easy concept was developed to enable small and medium-sized companies to access the benefits of MTM application without requiring employees to undergo the MTM training that is usually required. Based on the MTM-Easy software solution for determining assembly times, the concept follows the principle of helping employees to help themselves when designing work systems. The MTM application - in this case, the MTM-Easy concept - supports a focus on the details, because small and medium-sized companies in particular often tend to focus on the big picture in the course of their lean management and CIP activities. MTM as a tool for work design, time determination and ergonomics assessment should not be missing in the lean toolbox!



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