09/07/2021 | How ergonomically do Germany and the world work?

The tension between economics and ergonomics is one of the main topics of the first edition of MTM SUMMIT – International Human Work Forum on October 20 and 21, 2021 in Hamburg & online. The organizer is MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., one of the leading industry associations in industrial engineering with more than 240 member companies and a worldwide partner network.
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item Industrietechnik GmbH has conducted a study to determine how ergonomically Germany works. Product Manager Marius Geibel reports on the current state of affairs and the potential for increasing efficiency in manual production and improving employee satisfaction. BSH Hausgeräte GmbH uses an integrated digital factory approach to design productive and ergonomic work. Frank Helmke, responsible for BSH's Manufacturing Engineering Tools worldwide, will be a speaker at the Fondazione Ergo-MTM Italia's EAWS International Symposium (EIS), which will be held as part of MTM SUMMIT 2021. Other contributions on ergonomics during the SUMMIT will come from Ottobock, Whirlpool Europe, Volkswagen do Brasil, Neff GmbH, Bosch Hungary and Leonardo, among others.

Another key topic is the digitalization of industrial engineering, in particular the benefits of valid time data as a key element of digital process planning as well. In the keynote address at MTM Digital Solutions Day (20.10.21), Dr. Ulrich Raschke, Head of Human Simulation Products at Siemens Digital Industries (USA), will highlight the role of innovative software technologies in development of human models. Karl Heinz Hehlinger and Peter Blau, Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik, contribute a practical report on variant configuration in SAP. Ralf Graute, Miele & Cie. KG, will present best practice for ergo-clocking in TiCon for Windows.

In the keynote address at MTM Community Day (21.10.2021), Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse, Head of the Institute for Production Systems (IPS) at TU Dortmund University and Director Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM), University of Technology Sydney, will explain the new perspectives opened up by integration of artificial intelligence and digital twins in digital production planning. Exciting contributions on the topic will come from Harald Waidner, REWE Austria, and Thomas Gehart, Thanos Software GmbH, Thomas Edtmayer, Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH, Prof. Dr. Lars Fritzsche, imk automotive GmbH, and Dr. Johannes Sternatz, VW AG, among others. Stefan Stüring, Livingsolids GmbH, and Dr. Martin Benter, MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., jointly bridging the gap between digitally captured motion data and MTM analysis.

Focus topic number 3 is international best practice in MTM training and application. MTM experts from China, the USA, Turkey, Portugal/Spain, Brazil and Hungary will talk about their experiences in introducing MTM, developing qualification programs and supporting companies worldwide through the One-MTM partner network.

A special highlight is the session on MTM-Easy, the first cloud-based software for determining assembly times. The speakers, ranging from Feng Shui consultants to the Siemens Group, embody the range of possible applications of the tool. That's why the session's motto is "Time determination fast and easy – from the kitchen to the factory". Participants (in person and online) should not miss the MTM-Easy competition. The solution will be announced live on site on 20.10.2021.

The MTM SUMMIT 2021 will be rounded off by the accompanying trade exhibition on site and a digital 24/2 supporting program including virtual exhibition, chat and networking.

More information about the conference program and registration atsummit.mtm.org

MTM SUMMIT 2021 is planned as a hybrid event. Online tickets are already available; we expect to release the sale of available attendance tickets in mid-September 2021. The background to this is the pandemic situation and its impact on the staging of the event in Hamburg.




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