08/06/2020 | MTM practitioners get an average of 30 percent potential

Via webinar to the "Blue Card": Operational case studies in focus

On average, the 13 participants of the first MTM-practitioner training reached 30% potential or approx. 400,000 EUR per year savings via webinar while working on their self-chosen company case studies. With these results, the new owners of the "Blue Card" are not only recommended for further optimization projects, they also provide the best arguments for the MTM application in the company.

Markus Schächtele of Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH, Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH, was able to make a whopping 41% savings. His operational case study was a separation process in assembly. He was able to get from the ACTUAL to the TARGET by, among other things, shortening the walking distances, changing from a sitting to a standing workstation and using a punching machine for separation. For Schächtele, the MTM practitioner training is exactly the right qualification for his change from production controlling to preliminary costing. "The evaluation of processes on the basis of target times is absolutely sensible", says Schächtele. In addition, he says that the MTM data provide him with an exact and reliable basis for discussion because it is based on an internationally recognised standard. He found the training via webinar very entertaining. The MTM instructors Clara Link and Josef Pils could be contacted at any time - even outside the webinar times. Networking is naturally a bit too short at a webinar, but according to Schächteles opinion, the online training has advantages that make up for this: no long journey, no travel costs, at home in the evening – and very close to practice thanks to the self-chosen company case study.

Operational case study is a big plus
Timo Knoblauch, Festo Lernzentrum Saar GmbH, supports the topics MTM and Lean Administration at Festo as in-house consultant. His practical example, which he worked on during his MTM practitioner training, is the manual assembly of cylinders. Since the manufacture of similar products is now mostly automated, the manual assembly of technically more complex variants in the product portfolio is at least not the focus of attention. Nevertheless, Knoblauch suspected potential for improvement in cylinder assembly – and thanks to his MTM practitioner training he can now quantify this exactly. After all, he has identified a savings potential of almost 10 % and wants to implement this. Knoblauch reports that he got along very well with the MTM practitioner training via webinar. A big advantage for him is that with this format each participant works on a concrete company-specific topic. He appreciates the close contact between the participants and the direct exchange of experiences by means of face-to-face meetings and group work on a case study provided.

Structure of the training per webinar rated very good
Making processes more efficient, reducing costs, improving ergonomics – these were the requirements for the packaging workplace, which another participant worked on as his operational example in the MTM practitioner webinar. The data and facts determined with MTM would have confirmed the impression that this workplace can be designed much better. And this is also a good argument to the management to continue on this path.

Win-win situation for participants and companies
The participants of the first practical training via webinar agree that the operational case study has created a win-win situation for participants and companies. The fact that Josef Pils led the webinar and the participants were able to clarify company-specific issues with Clara Link at the same time worked perfectly. In general, the webinar was very well structured with several blocks over the day, the opportunity to present the projects to each other and then to review the day in the plenary session. An additional plus was the development of a checklist which can then be used in practice for further projects.

Also Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, head of the MTM Academy, draws a positive conclusion of the first MTM practitioner training via webinar. "The connection of Coaching on the job in the training format Webinar with the possibility of on-line examination is an absolute increase in value for our customers and a future-oriented product, which we will offer in all languages. A big thank you goes to the teams of MTM-Institute and MTM-Academy for the successful reorientation of the MTM practitioner training – and congratulations to the new MTM practitioners.

Coaching for the first operational application
Where do we go from here? Following the MTM practitioner training or the training in the MTM process building block systems (MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-SD, MTM-HWD, MTM-UAS, MTM-Logistics, MTM-MEK), the MTM Academy offers the participants to accompany them on their first steps in operational application. "With a personal coaching we want to put companies in the position to profit from the acquired know-how as quickly as possible and to anchor the MTM application safely and sustainably in the operational practice", emphasizes the head of the MTM Academy. Frequently questions arise with the first application for the analysis production, data use or potential statement up to the realization of determined potentials – "our instructors are available to enterprises in this period and beyond as coaches", so Finsterbusch.

What we do for you:

  •     Support in the preparation of initial execution and planning analyses
  •     Identification of design potentials
  •     Recommendations for the data structure
  •     Impulses for further use of the analysis results for clocking, ergonomics and other areas of application

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